Book a Room

Do you need a room for a meeting or an event? Book a room at one of our libraries. (Nicholls Family Library is not currently available for room bookings.)

Schedule of Fees

Program Rooms

Cost Minimum Booking Maximum Booking
All Groups Free N/A Library open hours up to
30 minutes prior to closing

Central Library Theatre

The Central Library Theatre is bookable by phone only. Please call 403.260.2600.

Each Central Library Theatre booking requires the completion of a Facility Rental Agreement. Failure to complete payment within 72 hours of creating a booking will result in a cancellation of the booking.

Cost Minimum Booking Maximum Booking
Community Partners Free 3 hours 24 hours
Not-for-Profit $60/hour 3 hours 24 hours
For-Profit Groups $160/hour 3 hours 24 hours
Private Events $160/hour 3 hours 24 hours