Book Club in a Bag

A Book Club Bag is an all-in-one set of 10 copies of a popular title for your book club. The bags also contain sample reviews and sample discussion questions along with information on how to read a book for discussion and how to lead a book discussion. The loan is for six weeks with no renewals, and you can have up to two bags out at any time.

Which titles are available?

There are more than 150 titles in this collection, ranging from the latest “must read” literary fiction titles to popular non-fiction and memoir.

Where can I pick up books for my club?

Place a hold on these titles just as you would for a regular item, then pick them up at the library location that’s most convenient for you! If you’d prefer to browse through the bags in person, you can find collections at the following locations:

Central Library
616 Macleod Trail SE

Crowfoot Library
8665 Nose Hill Drive NW

Fish Creek Library
11161 Bonaventure Drive SE

When you’re finished with the bag, please check that all items are in the bag, and return it to staff at any location. The Book Club Bags do not fit in the book return chutes.