Privacy Settings

To view or change your privacy settings, click the My Settings link at the top of any page. On the My Settings page, click the Privacy link.

Shelf Privacy

You have three “shelves” to keep track of items you borrow. The Completed shelf is where you can store everything you’ve read, watched or listened to. In Progress is the place for what you are reading, watching or listening to right now. For Later is like a wish list, a place to keep track of the books, movies and music you’d like to borrow in the future.

Shelf privacy settings allow you to control whether or not items that you add to these shelves are visible to other library users by default. If these settings are off, anything you add is visible to others. If you plan to add ratings or comments to things you’ve borrowed, you should make them shared. Otherwise, no one else will be able to see what you’ve contributed.

If you prefer to keep some or all of your shelves private, check the box next to the appropriate shelf. When you add an item to a private shelf, it will only be visible to you.

Regardless of your default shelf setting, you can make individual items private or shared. See Excluding a Title from Shared View. That enables you to share the bulk of your items with others, while keeping a few titles private if you wish to.

Note: You can also make a list private. For details, see My Lists.

BiblioCommons believes that effective privacy controls are a cornerstone of open and engaged communities. To learn more about our stringent privacy standards, please consult our Privacy Policy. There’s a link to the Privacy Policy at the bottom of every page.