Ten Tips to Encourage Readers 0-5

  1. Share books with your child right from birth!
  2. Have fun with language. Use nursery rhymes and songs with your child every day.
  3. Show your child how books work and teach your child how to turn the pages.
  4. Sing together. Your child loves hearing your voice, and music lets him or her hear the songs in words.
  5. Take time to play with your child. Play is one of the main ways your child learns about the world.
  6. Make book sharing fun. Whether you cuddle up together at bedtime or read for a few moments during play time, choose a time when your child is in the mood.
  7. Talk about what you see in books. Look at the pictures and let your child tell you what is happening.
  8. Talk about your day. Tell your child what you are doing and talk about what your child is doing.
  9. Read longer stories to your child that have a beginning, middle, and an end. That understanding will lead to later reading comprehension.
  10. Point out print all around you. Show your child the text in books. Read signs and cereal boxes or make lists. Show your child how you use print every day to get things done.