Call for Artists

Program Overview and Goals

Supported by Mary Rozsa de Coquet, Rozsa Arts at the Library is an exciting initiative that brings artists to all Calgary Public Library locations for free performances and workshops. In addition to providing Calgarians with access to life-enhancing arts and culture experiences, the program supports emergent artists to build their brand and reach new audiences.

Rozsa Arts at the Library aligns with the Library’s strategic goals of empowering community by connecting patrons to ideas and experience, and inspiration. It lowers barriers to participation in the performing arts and supports the Library as the preferred path for creative exploration while enriching lives and realizing potentials.

Project Scope

In 2019, Rozsa Arts at the Library will focus on amateur/emerging artists with performances by individuals or small collectives at a variety of community library locations. In 2020, Rozsa Arts at the Library will focus on professional artists for performances at Central and Memorial Park libraries.

Call for Performing Artist Applications

Timelines / Deadlines

June 30: 2019 Amateur/Emerging Artist applications due
On or before July 31: 2019 notification
March 31: 2020 Professional Artist applications due
On or before June 30: 2020 notification

Submission Requirements (Instructions)

Please closely review the following information before you apply. Any application not addressing the following requirements will not be considered.

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  1. Full contact information
  2. Biographies – A one paragraph biography for the artist and/or collective (maximum 50 words)
  3. Artist Statement that describes your artistic genre, performance experience and how your application addresses the following selection criteria (maximum 250 words):
    • Impact
      • Appeal to a diverse, all-ages audience
      • Audience engagement / interactivity
    • Artistic Merit
      • Quality / Skill
      • Previous performance experience
    • Feasibility
      • Ability to work in a public space with no / minimal technical equipment or support
      • Able to perform up to six times over ten weeks at varying library locations (for amateur/emerging artists only)
  4. Video – A minimum of two website links to video clips from the past three years of performances featuring the artist/collective. Video must be housed online (YouTube, Vimeo, organization website, etc.) and must remain accessible until June 30, 2020. No download or Dropbox files will be accepted for video submissions. Videos will be judged solely on content and not on production value. For each link, include the following information:
    • Name of performance
    • Date and location of performance
    • Names and titles/roles of all performers in performance
    • 1-2 sentence description of performance
  5. Images – A minimum of two high-resolution digital photos representative of the artist/collective. For each image, include the following information:
    • Name/content of the photo
    • Date and location of when the photo was taken
    • Names and titles/roles of the all performers in the photo
    • 1-2 sentence description of photo
    • Photo credit
  6. References – Two professional references including name, phone number and email address
  7. Agreement with Terms & Conditions

Artist Stipend Payment

Payment will be made in accordance with the following schedule:

Amateur Artists:

  • Individuals - $150+ per performance
  • Collectives - $300+ per performance

Professional Artists: TBC

All payments will be made within 30 days after completion of performances.

Terms & Conditions

  1. This Call for Applications is open to amateur/emerging and early-mid career professional performing artists and small performing artist collectives according to the following definitions:
    • Performing Artist
      Someone who creates art or entertainment for an audience. This includes but is not limited to music (instrumental or singing), dance, drama, puppetry, oratory, circus, and magic.
    • Amateur/Emerging Artist
      Someone who creates and performs art in a part time, unofficial capacity as a pastime or secondary / tertiary occupation.
    • Professional Artist
      Someone who has specialized training in an artistic discipline, is recognized as such by their peers and for whom the creation and performance of their craft is their primary or exclusive occupation.
  2. Artists must be able to work in open spaces in public libraries with little to no technical support.
  3. Artists must supply all required instruments or resources, and sound equipment, with the exception of a microphone and speakers.
  4. All performances must be appropriate for all ages.
  5. Amateur/Emerging Artists must agree to a minimum of six public performances at mutually agreed upon dates, times, and locations.
  6. Professional Artists must agree to one public performance at Central Library at a mutually agreed upon date and time.
  7. Artists will retain ownership, including copyright, title, patent, and intellectual property rights of original content delivered during performances.
  8. The Calgary Public Library reserves the right to photograph, film, videotape or otherwise depict performances and to distribute such photographs, film, video or depictions for the purposes of communication of the program, provided that name recognition is given to the artist and / or collective.
  9. This Call for Artists is not open to current Calgary Public Library staff members.

Things to Remember

  • Incomplete or late entries will not be accepted.
  • All entrants will be notified of the results of the selection process within the dates given. Please do not call or email about submission status.

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