Fighting Fires in Calgary: From Steam Engines to Engine23

Calgary Fire Department's first motorized vehicle

Fighting fires was an ad-hoc affair when Calgary was still a sleepy little town. At the shout of “fire” people would come running with buckets filled up at the town water tank. In winter, some would battle the flames with snowballs. Neither technique, needless to say, proved effective. Ten years after the creation of Fort […]

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From garbage dump to Historic Resource: Discover the history of some Calgary icons as they celebrate their 50th

Old postcard of the Calgary Tower with mountains in the background

They may be popular now, but some of Calgary’s iconic Centennial attractions had less than glamorous beginnings. No matter how they got their start, they join the ranks of thousands of buildings and monuments across the nation that were created in 1967 to mark the 100th anniversary of Confederation. Confederation Park: Garbage Dump No More Once […]

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