Dear Mrs. Schwann, by Jacquelyn T. (Dear Censor contest winner)

I am writing to a mother (fictional character: Mrs. Schwann) who has challenged this Medical Anatomy book I was planning to read. This parent has disagreed with the sexual content of this book and is prohibiting it from sitting upon the library shelves. This is the letter I would send to her in response to her complaint.

Dear Mrs. Schwann,

Did you know that nerve impulses travel as fast as one hundred and seventy miles per hour to and from the brain? Or perhaps that eighty percent of the brain is made of water? These facts are few of many I could be reading at this moment however I cannot, due to your challenge.

It was another ordinary day for me, heading towards the local library. I had received a recommendation to borrow this book from my option class teacher. When I arrived, I found that this particular anatomy book was not in the library. I frantically rummaged the shelves and scouted the carts however I could not find this copy anywhere within the building. I questioned the receptionist and she replied that this book was prohibited from entering the shelves because you had filed a complaint contradicting its “inappropriate sexual content”. Immediately, I ran to the bookstore only to find that this book costs over one hundred dollars to my dismay. My only choice was to borrow my friend’s copy, who would be taking the book with her while traveling to Europe in a week. When I scanned the book, I found nothing incongruous about the content. The pictures you had mentioned in your protest was nothing more than to enhance the learning of the reader by visually showing the different types of bones and organs, including human genitalia.

This book has been proven to be appropriate for teenage learning, not only because of the Alberta education-informed author, but also because the teachers in my school recommend it for every eager and disciplined student planning to pursue an occupation within the medical field. In order to learn, we must be able to access the information so we can apply the knowledge that we gain from reading books. You are hindering my education without providing solid evidence against the book.

The content of this book does not imply any inappropriate sexual comments throughout. The diagrams are engaging and factual; the data is superior to many other manuals. This book would be an absolute pleasure to read and learn from. I take my precious time to explore the library because I feel privileged to access such a collection of wonderful books. You are violating my right to read by challenging the legitimacy of this volume. I demand you to reconsider your objection and withdraw your accusations.

Sincerely, Jacquelyn T.

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