Ward 12

Mackenzie Quigley 

Website: mackenziequigley.com


Facebook: @QuigleyforCouncillor

Q. Which Library do you use the most?

A. The Shawnessy Library

Q. In your view, how does Calgary Public Library strengthen your ward?

The new library in Quarry Park has provided an excellent free place to take kids to play and learn.  Any time a free or low cost option is provided in the community it encourages people to come together and meet new people in their area. It provides a safe comfortable place for students to meet up and study, or allows people without computers to use the internet. Every program and service strengthens the community just by being there.   

Q. What is your earliest library memory, or, tell us about an experience you’ve had at Calgary Public Library that made a positive difference to you.

A. Much of my time as a child was spent in the library, my parents took us there all the time as it was an inexpensive way to keep their 4 bookworm children occupied. I would say my best memory (even though you didn’t specifically as for that!) was going through the ‘Discard’ rack and picking 4 or 5 books to take home.  They were usually only .25-$1 so it was a great place to stock up!

Q. What is your favourite program or resource at Calgary Public Library?  

A. My kids are a bit older now, but I always loved taking them to the story time and the mom and tot classes.  We learned some of our favourite kids songs in those classes!

Q. What are you reading now? What’s one book you would recommend others read, and why?

A. I am currently re-reading a series by Jean M. Auel called The Earths Children series.  The first book is ‘The Clan of the Cave Bear’.  Best series ever!  I would recommend ‘The Five People you Meet in Heaven’ by Mitch Albom as a quick read to others.  I was able to get through it on a 2.5 hour plane ride (while also dealing with my three kids!). It offers an interesting perspective and doesn’t have a religious aspect, which I found interesting in a book about heaven!  It really made me think about how I interact with people and the effect I could have on someone’s life.  It made me wonder about people who have had large impacts on me and times when I was at a crossroad and chose one way or another.  I really enjoy books that make me think and wonder long after I’ve finished it. I have read it a few times now.  I re-read all books I love as I find something new in it each time (I think I read too fast!)

Q. What musical instrument would you be most likely to borrow from our musical instrument lending library, and why? (We have banjos, drums, guitars, keyboards, ukuleles, violas, violins, and xylophones.)

A. I would probably borrow drums for my kids because I would never buy them and have them always in the house, but they would enjoy having them for a few days!

Brad Cunningham 

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Teresa Hargreaves

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Shane Keating (Incumbent) 

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