Ward 14

Peter Demong (Incumbent) 

Website: peterdemong.ca

Facebook: @PeterDemong

Twitter: @peterdemong

Q. Which Library do you use the most?

A. Fish Creek Library

Q. In your view, how does Calgary Public Library strengthen your ward?

A. By being a positive, welcoming environment for community, education and entertainment. 

Q. What is your earliest library memory, or, tell us about an experience you’ve had at Calgary Public Library that made a positive difference to you.

A. I was around 11 yrs old and went to the library for a sci fi anthology and spent the entire afternoon reading. 

Q. What is your favourite program or resource at Calgary Public Library?  

A. Audio books for listening during my daily commute.

Q. What are you reading now? What’s one book you would recommend others read, and why?

A. Currently I am reading "Wool" by Hugh Howey. I would recommend "Micro" by Michael Crichton.

Q. What musical instrument would you be most likely to borrow from our musical instrument lending library, and why? (We have banjos, drums, guitars, keyboards, ukuleles, violas, violins, and xylophones.)

A. n/a

Kelash Kumar

Website: n/a

Facebook:  n/a

Twitter:  n/a

Instagram: n/a