Ward 2

Jennifer Wyness

Website: jenniferwyness.com

Twitter: @JenniferWyness

Facebook: @jenniferwynessward2

Instagram: @wynessjennifer

Q: Which Library do you use the most?

A. Crowfoot Library

Q. In your view, how does Calgary Public Library strengthen your ward?

A. Calgary Public Library strengthens ward 2 by providing a safe and enjoyable resource for everyone living in the ward. It is a place where their children can explore their imagination, meet other children, and learn. For those that are new to the community it is a place where you can connect with others, find support, information, community events, language programs and immerse yourself in community. I enjoy how the library brings people of all ages and backgrounds together.

Q. What is your earliest library memory, or, tell us about an experience you’ve had at Calgary Public Library that made a positive difference to you.

A. My earliest library memory is from my childhood when I would spend hours looking at the different books, deciding which one I wanted to check out, as well as the library book sale where I convinced my mom to buy me a few books on sharks. Even today, I still experience the excitement of going to the library, and enjoy surrounding myself with endless possibilities to gain knowledge.

Q. What is your favourite program or resource at Calgary Public Library?

A. My favourite program/resource the library offers is the ability to provide a foundation for learning. I enjoy that the library is a place where anyone can go to work towards accomplishing their goals, and that the library will have a program or resource that will support them.

Q. What are you reading now? What’s one book you would recommend others read, and why?

A. I am currently reading A Train in Winter by Caroline Moorehead. It is about a group of women resisters from Paris who were gather up by the Gestapo during WW2. The story describes their journey from the prisons of Paris to the death camp in Auschwitz and the struggle to survive as well as the friendships that kept them alive.

I would recommend Killers of the Flower Moon; The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI by David Grann. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading mystery novels. This true-life murder mystery from the 1920’s is an interesting look at the progress of investigative techniques, the treatment of indigenous people, social value systems, politics, and how with time social norm evolve while other issue are more difficult to progress.

Q. What musical instrument would you be most likely to borrow from our musical instrument lending library, and why? (We have banjos, drums, guitars, keyboards, ukuleles, violas, violins, and xylophones.)

A. I would borrow a guitar, it is an instrument I have wanted to learn how to play for a long time.


George Georgeou

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Joe Magliocca (Incumbent) 

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Christopher Maitland

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