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Arts and Culture

Indigenous Placemaking Proposed Locations

Indigenous Placemaking at the Library

The third round of Indigenous Placemaking will be in libraries throughout the city, placing permanent installations in four locations in the system. There are four locations — Crowfoot, Saddletowne, Seton, and Shawnessy libraries — and four possible areas within each location that can be chosen for the installation. One project will be selected per Library location. 

Crowfoot Library

Free standing and hanging area. An opportunity to hang something above the central area or a 3D installation on the floor in the main walkway.

Mural space at back of Library behind the working fireplace, an area for sitting and reading.

Free standing (3D), hanging, or interactive installation kids’ area, with great natural lighting. Ideal for interactive installations and tactile sculptures. 

Mural location by program room 1 

Saddletowne Library

Free standing or hanging location in the cove outside the entrance of the Library. 

Free standing or interactive installation location next to the front desk waterfall. 

Reading coves (four coves) either inside or outside, opportunity for collaboration or multiple smaller murals or projection spaces. A projector or lighting can be installed on the rack in front of coves.

Mural wall in activity room 

Seton Library

Front entrance free standing area, for a sculpture, seating, or interactive install.  

Mural location between red lines (within drywall seams). 

Free standing and window hanging location. 

Mural location over back shelves. 

Shawnessy Library

Freestanding or window hanging location near the front windows. 

Mural location behind front connection point. 

Free standing location near the back window space. 

Mural location in the back corner.