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It's a Science Takeover

September 21 & 22, 2019

Find out answers to all your science questions.

Come join the University of Calgary and invited guests for a free day filled with innovation and real science right from our researchers' laboratories. 

You'll find science happening all throughout Central Library — adults, kids, and families can stop by to check out the pop-up planetarium, take part in hands-on activities, watch live demonstrations, or sign up for a special program. Additional activities are happening at Fish Creek, Signal Hill, and Nose Hill libraries.

Science Takeover at Fish Creek Library, September 21

Math + Science = FUN

Math is the language of science. Explore the power of math as a food scientist mixing your own edible treat, an engineer building a racing car from cups, and a biologist baffling your friends with science.

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Obey Newton: It's the Law!

Sir Isaac Newton was one smart dude. Explore Newton’s Laws of Motion as you learn how things like to stay put and how your actions always produce a reaction. You will race water droplets, build a car and design and test a rollercoaster.

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Science Takeover at Signal Hill Library, September 22

Good Clean Fun!

Fun with soap and water? You’ll be amazed when you make fireworks in a cup, explore surface tension and make your own soapy work of art. Explore millions of bubbles and make your own bath bomb to take home!

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Catch Me If You Can

Do you have what it takes to be Sherlock Holmes? Test your powers of observation and deduction as you use forensic science to solve the mystery of the missing munchies.

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Explore Earth, Our Oceans and Space

Explore rocks & minerals and Earth’s oceans, make an earthquake, identify and classify trilobite fossils, and investigate space travel.

September 21 at Fish Creek Library

September 22 at Nose Hill Library