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November 15, 2019

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Are We Wired to be Social?

We’re social animals, but we’re not the only ones. What does it mean to be social? And why is being social so important to life? Join Host JayIngram and experts from the University of Calgary’s Hotchkiss Brain Institute and Faculty of Arts in a lively discussion about the social life of the brain.

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Jay Ingram

Host, science writer and broadcaster
Jay Ingram has hosted two national science programs in Canada, Quirks and Quarks on CBC radio and Daily Planet on Discovery Channel Canada. He has written 16 books, which have been translated into 15 languages, has six honorary degrees, is a member of the Order of Canada, and a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

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Dr. Jaideep Bains, PhD

Hotchkiss Brain Institute, Cumming School of Medicine, Professor, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, University of Calgary
Dr. Jaideep Bains is interested in a number of questions related to stress and the brain: Specifically, his lab is interested in understanding how stress modifies specific brain functions to inform behavioural choices; they have also discovered a neurobiological mechanism through which stress can be transmitted to others.

Dr. Pascale Sicotte, PhD

Vice-Dean, Faculty of Arts, Professor, Department of Anthropology and Archaeology, University of Calgary
Dr. Pascale Sicotte is a primatologist. She received her PhD in 1993 from the Université de Montréal. Her research interests revolve around social processes underlying group formation and maintenance in primates. She has worked with gorillas and colobus in the wild. She is currently in the department of Anthropology and Archaeology at the University of Calgary.