Establishment and Review of Fees

The Board authorizes the Chief Executive Officer to establish fees, in accordance with the Act and the Regulations. All Library fees shall be reviewed by the Board on an annual basis.

Fees for Issuance of Membership

Subject to the Act and the Regulations, there shall be no fee for the issuance of membership for persons who are permanent residents of Calgary, for non-residents who own or rent property in Calgary, and for persons living on First Nations and Métis Settlements in Alberta.

There shall be a fee for the issuance of membership for persons who do not meet these requirements, as set out in Schedule B.

Reciprocal Borrowing

Notwithstanding the fee for non-resident membership, as set out in Schedule B, the Board may enter into reciprocal arrangements with other library boards in Alberta providing for a waiver of such non-resident fees.

Late Fees

As an incentive for the timely return of borrowed Library Materials, late fees are charged when a Library Member does not return an item by the date of expiration of the Loan Period. Late fees are set out in Schedule B.

Recovery Fees

The Library may charge recovery fees for expenses incurred in providing services that are over and above the normal service extended to patrons, including, but not limited to, fax service, online search, and document delivery, as set out in Schedule B.

Lost and Damaged Library Materials Charges

A user of Library Materials shall take proper care of Library Materials and shall compensate the Library for lost or damaged Library Materials as set out in Schedule B.

Program Room Charges

Basic rental charges for program rooms are set out in Schedule B.

Charges for Damage to Program Rooms

Damage charges will be applied to cover the cost of any repairs occasioned by misuse of program rooms and additional maintenance charges will be levied should excessive cleanup activity be required.

Category Library Premises Use and Safety
Statutory Yes
Approval History 2015
Approval Janet Hutchinson