Past Artists in Residence

2019 – Cîpayak ᒌᐸᕀ, Indigenous artists

Cîpayak ᒌᐸᕀ is the multimedia collaboration between Shane Ghostkeeper and Sarah Houle. Their projects continue to evolve through art, sound and visuals. Cîpayak ᒌᐸᕀ delves into the many layers of contemporary Indigenous storytelling through interactive multidisciplinary concepts.


2018 – Nicole Wolf, children's art and illustration

Nicole Wolf is a visual storyteller, focused on themes of spirituality, wholeness, and human interaction. Her impatient streak fostered a specialization in quick-drying materials, like watercolour, ink and acrylic paint. She creates comics, editorial illustrations and public art in downtown Calgary, working out of a generally messy home studio.