Library Mascot

CuriousCurious Facts

  • What am I?: Curious is a colourful chameleon!
  • Why a chameleon?: Chameleons are adaptable, live all over the world, and can see both backward and forward, in the same way Calgary Public Library is always adapting, open to everyone and celebrates our past as we look toward our future. Calgary Public Library helps Calgarians learn, grow, and discover new passions so that everyone can succeed in our rapidly changing world.
  • Why Curious? In early 2012, a contest was held to name our mascot and Curious was the winning entry from a library customer, who wrote “The Chameleon knows that the CPL is the PERFECT place to get more info on something you're curious about, as well as a great place to stumble upon new treasures you didn't even know you were looking for!”

Did You Know?

  • Chameleons' eyes can move independently of each other — Imagine being able to see ahead and behind yourself at the same time!
  • Chameleons live in the wild in Madagascar and Sub-Saharan Africa, India and Sri Lanka, and from the Middle East to Spain and are found in homes across the globe as pets
  • "Chameleon" comes from the Ancient Greek words “khamai” and “leon” which means “on the ground lion”.
  • For more chameleon facts, log-in and check out our e-library resources like World Book or Grzimek’s Student Animal Life or or visit any of our locations look under the call number J 597.95.