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How Curbside Printing at the Library Works

Curbside printing is no longer offered. Printing services are available inside Library locations.

How Curbside Printing at the Library Works

As of June 14, we are no longer offering curbside printing. Printing is available inside locations during regular hours. For more details on our in-location printing services and what is included with your free memberships, visit

 While Library locations are closed for in-person visits, curbside printing is available.

Your Library membership includes a print credit of $5 each month. For more details on your printing credit and printing in a Library location, visit

To use the Library's Curbside Printing service, submit your printing job from your own device through Once your documents have been submitted, visit any Library locations except Rocky Ridge and call the number posted on the Curbside Pickup sign outside the Library. Our staff will retrieve your printed documents.

Full instructions as well as helpful tips are below. If you need more support, call our Library Hotline at 403-260-2600 and we will help. 

Curbside printing instruction PDFs in:

Step-by-step curbside printing instructions

1. Save your file to your personal digital device

2. Go to:

3. Log in with your personal information

  • Your username is your Library card number. 
  • Your password is your Library PIN.

4. Once you are logged in, follow these steps:

  • Click "Upload file"
  • Click "Choose File" 
  • Select your file
  • Click "Open"
  • Click "Next" 

Wait for the file to upload.  Once the upload has been completed, an "Awaiting Release" status will appear.  

5. For printing multiple copies

  • Click "Advanced" 
  • To print multiple copies, adjust the number beside "number of copies".

6. Send your document to the printer. Click "PrintQueue."

You are done! Go to any Library location (except Rocky Ridge) during curbside hours to pick up your printing. You will not receive a confirmation message from the Library.

At the Curbside pickup location, call the number on the curbside services table. Your job will be released to the printer and a staff member will collect it and bring it to the curbside pickup table. This might take a few minutes while your printing is processing. 

Remember to remain in your vehicle or stand away from the entrance while staff bring your hold and place them on the pickup table. Once staff are back inside the Library, you can approach the table and collect your printing.  

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