Million Question Challenge

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Can kids in Calgary ask a MILLION QUESTIONS this summer? The Million Question Challenge is the Library’s brand new summer contest for kids aged 6-12!


What is the Million Question Challenge?

We want kids to ask as many questions as they can this summer. The questions can be about anything and everything!


Image of the Million Question Challenge Journal coverHow do I play?

Starting June 18, stop by any community library to pick up your very own Big Journal of Questions.  It’s full of activities to practise questioning and a ballot to win prizes.  When you finish the Journal, head back to your library with the ballot and pick up another ballot to increase your chances to win!  Be sure to bring your ballots to the Library by August 31 for a chance to win the Grand Prize.

The more questions you ask, the better your chances to win!  The Grand Prize draw will be held on September 3.


What can I win?

Weekly prizes: Books, books and more books!

Grand Prize: A $250 Toys R Us gift card AND the job of Library Boss for a Day! (What would you do if you ran the library?)


Wonder-KidsWhat else?

When you stop by any community library, look for the Wonder Wall.  Check out the Wonder of the Week — it will make you think of even more questions!  You'll also find Wonder Walls in some of our partners’ locations throughout the summer.


For Parents

Learn how you can help your child participate in the Million Question Challenge. 


Million Question Challenge would not be possible without support from our partners:

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