Recognizing that the long-term resourcing of the Library through philanthropy is vital to the services it provides to Calgarians, the Board supports the ongoing practice of entering into naming rights agreements with donors where such relationships are mutually beneficial and are consistent with the guidelines set in this policy.

Under the conditions of this policy, the Calgary Public Library Foundation will pursue such agreements on behalf of the Library.

The Library will not enter into a naming rights agreement for the entirety of a Library facility with a for-profit corporation or commercial enterprise.

In judging the suitability of a naming rights proposal, the following will be considered:

  • The significance of the proposed financial contribution in relation to the project
  • The urgency of the need for the project, or of funding for the project
  • The reputation and integrity of the donor whose name is proposed
  • The acceptability of the donor from the perspective of current community standards
  • The history of the donor’s support of libraries and literacy
  • The donor’s compatibility with, understanding of, and support for the Library’s mission and mandate

All naming rights agreements will be for a fixed term taking into account the local philanthropic climate and leading philanthropic practices.

Naming agreements valued at less than $1 million require the approval of the Chief Executive Officer. Naming agreements valued at $1 million or more require the approval of the Board.

When the Board has approved the naming of a library facility, it will provide relevant information to the City.

The Library will not relinquish to the naming rights holder any aspect of the Library’s right to manage and control any of the Library’s assets, facilities, programs, services, staff, or volunteers.

The name only, and not the logo, of a donor will be used on any signage identifying Library facilities. This is in order to protect the integrity of the Board and the Library’s brand, limit confusion over the nature of facilities, and avoid the perception of advertising. Logos may be used on recognition or dedication plaques, provided they are tasteful and appropriately sized.

To maintain the value of naming rights, the Library, in moving forward, will recognize the extraordinary contributions of Board Members, staff, volunteers, and community leaders in unique recognition programs that do not involve the naming of buildings, their elements, or other tangible assets.

Category Donations and Related Matters
Statutory No
Approval History 2015
Approval Janet Hutchinson