Coming Soon: A New Early Learning Centre at Fish Creek Library

A new vibrant, interactive and playful Early Learning Centre at Fish Creek Library is coming soon! In preparation, the Early Learning Centre at  Fish Creek Library will be closed February 29 and will reopen Spring Break.

Play spaces at Calgary Public Library are designed to give parents and caregivers colourful, fun, and interactive spaces for helping babies, toddlers and preschoolers develop skills that will prepare them for reading and success in school.

These spaces promote learning in all sorts of interesting ways:

  • Reading and games with puzzles, books, and quiet games
  • Dramatic play and storytelling with puppets, costuming, and play materials
  • Large and small building activities with Duplo, blocks, shapes, and mixed materials
  • Writing and creative arts with paper, paints, and white boards

We even have areas designed just for babies and toddlers that feature sensory play, books and safe spaces to crawl and play!