Read for 15 Results

On January 26 and 27, thousands of people took the Read for 15 challenge by reading for 15 minutes and logging their reading with their local library.

This year 15,732 Calgarians read, and then reported their reading to us — on social media, on our website, and on the street with our volunteer sticker patrol. Families, schools, organizations, companies, and individuals participated throughout the city. That’s a 63% increase over last year’s total of 9,675 people. Way to go, Calgary!

Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to dethrone Red Deer; Red Deer retained the “Readerpalooza” trophy, with 15,803 reported readers.

The Read for 15 prize for the most “readerly” community is awarded to the community with the greatest per capita rate of readers. This year that honour went to Cardston, where 1,412 people from their community of 3,585 took part in the challenge, for a per capita reader rate of 39%.

2018 Results

  • 33 communities participated across Canada
  • 76,113 readers participated
  • 1,141,695 reported reading minutes of participants across Canada
  • 15,732 readers in Calgary

Read for 15 takes place every year on Family Literacy Day (January 27) to promote the importance of literacy and encourage the reading habit.

The benefits of reading are many. Reading encourages empathy, helps soothe stress, strengthens your ability to focus and concentrate, helps stave off memory loss, and may even slow the progress of Alzheimer’s. When children read (or are read to) regularly, they develop larger vocabularies, and their communication skills, writing skills, and self-esteem improve, which helps them excel in school.

So keep reading — for the benefits, and the simple joy. Read on!