All Calgary Public Library patrons have a print account with a monthly print credit of $5.00. This credit allows you to print up to 50 black and white pages, or 25 colour pages free of charge each month.

The free $5 credit renews at the start of each month, and your unspent credit will not accrue from month to month. You can add money to your print account for additional printing but the free $5 credit is used up first before amounts are drawn from these additional funds.

You can log in to view your printing balance here.

To print wirelessly from your laptop or to print from your home at the Library log into Everyone Print using your Library card barcode and PIN as your username and password. Once you send your print job through everyoneprint, you can release it to be printed on any of the printers in any library branch.

Scanning to a USB is also free with your membership.