2016 Year of Reading Guides

Calgary Public Library has put together a series of four FREE Librarian-approved 2016 Year of Reading Guides to help you feed (or get into) the reading habit! There’s a guide each for Preschoolers, Kids, Teens, and Adults.

Each guide has a wide variety of inspired reading recommendations for the entire year. You’ll never be without a great read!

Download your Guide below or pick one up at your community library today!


Get Your Family Reading! The earlier your kids start to read, the better prepared they are for school and a life of learning.

Download the Babies Toddlers Preschoolers 2016 Year of Reading Guide



There are books to interest every kid! Whether they love fiction or non-fiction, reading helps them build vocabulary and comprehension, which will prepare them to succeed in school.

Download the Kids 2016 Year of Reading Guide




Read whatever you want! Grab a magazine, book, Manga, or graphic novel… It doesn’t matter what you read, as long as it’s fun.

Download the Teens 2016 Year of Reading Guide






There are so many great books to read: there are page-turners, places to visit, people to meet, and sentences to savour. Read widely, well, and often!

Download the Adults 2016 Year of Reading Guide