Schedule B: Fees

Fee for Non-resident Library Members

$112.00/year (total for all family members at one address)

Late Fees

 For materials with a 3 week Loan Period:  $ 0.25 per day, to a maximum of $10.00
 For materials with a 1 week Loan Period:  $ 0.50 per day, to a maximum of $10.00
 For Interlibrary Loans of any length:  $ 0.50 per day, to a maximum of $10.00

Recovery Fees for Lost and Damaged Library Materials

The price in the bibliographic record determines the replacement cost of lost or damaged Library Materials.

Recovery Fees for Comprehensive Research

 Library Member   $70 / hour with a 15 minute ($17.50) minimum
 Library Non-member  $80 / hour with a 15 minute ($20) minimum

Research includes online search, research of collections, compilation and packaging of results, document delivery, rush Interlibrary Loans and other services. The Library shall also charge a fee for applicable telecommunication, database fees, computer downloading, photocopying and other related expenses incurred when providing comprehensive research.

Recovery Fees for Courses, Programs and Special Events

Admission to Library programs is normally free. In exceptional circumstances, a charge may be implemented. Any such charge may be waived for individual patrons in financial hardship.

Room Rental Fees

Program Rooms Open hours up to 30 minutes prior to closing
     All groups Free
Central Library Theatre 3 hour minimum, 24 hour maximum booking
     Government and school boards Free
     Non-profit groups* $60/hour
     For-profit groups $160/hour for the first 5 hours; $60/hour thereafter
     Private events $160/hour for the first 5 hours; $60/hour thereafter

*Non-profit groups running events for a profit will be charged a for-profit rate.

The use of the Library’s program rooms and theatre are governed by the Calgary Public Library Room Use Guidelines.

Each Central Library Theatre booking requires the completion of a Facility Rental Agreement. Failure to complete payment within 72 hours of creating a booking will result in a cancellation of the booking.