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Our Coder Dojo program provides a fun and welcoming environment for children and youth to develop computer coding skills for web, app, and game design. Volunteers share their coding expertise with the participants and mentor and motivate them through the learning process.

Program Goals

Provide a safe and friendly environment for children to build digital literacy skills.
Develop computer programming skills.
Build peer-to-peer coaching skills.


Fall / Winter / Spring

Two-hour program
Eight week sessions
Dates and times can vary depending on location


Two-hour program
Six-week sessions
Dates and times can vary depending on location

Volunteer Qualifications

Basic to advanced coding knowledge required
Ability to motivate and mentor children and youth in a child-centered program
Strong interpersonal skills
Coaching experience an asset
Ability to guide participants in project management
Able to work effectively with diverse populations



An in-person orientation and training module covering program materials.


Meet new people and explore new opportunities.
Have fun and contribute to your community.
Develop inter-personal, leadership, problem solving, communication and time management skills.

Help Needed

Alexander Calhoun Library
Central Library
Crowfoot Library
Fish Creek Library
Judith Umbach Library
Shawnessy Library

Apply Now


Katie Radke
Email: Katie.Radke@calgarypubliclibrary.com
Phone: 403-221-2036