Homebound Readers


Bring the library to patrons who are temporarily or permanently unable to visit the library because of mobility or health concerns.

Program Goals

Provide access to library resources and materials to adults unable to visit the Library because of mobility or health concerns
Promote lifelong learning, inclusion and independence
Improve the quality of life for our patrons


One to two times per month

Volunteer Qualifications

Strong interpersonal and communication skills
Able to carry library materials
Have your own transportation
Genuine interest in volunteering with the elderly and sharing the love of reading with others
Ablilty to work effectively with diverse populations

Volunteer Responsibilities

Deliver and return library materials to homebound individuals
Consult with your homebound patron to arrange for mutually convenient meeting times
Maintain regular contact with library staff to discuss the homebound patron’s needs
Participate in the program for a minimum of one year


A two hour training and orientation session.


Meet new people and develop lasting relationships
Contribute directly to local communities
Provide the link between the library and its homebound patrons
Improve the quality of life for homebound patrons

Help Needed

Forest Lawn Library
Saddletowne Library
Village Square Library


Email: homeboundreaders@calgarylibrary.ca