Libraries in Residence


Bring the Library to those who can’t come to us. Volunteers display “mini-libraries” of items, which have been selected by library staff, in seniors’ residences or continuing care facilities and/or use book trolleys to provide “room service” to residents.

Program Goals

Provide access to library resources to patrons who are unable to visit the Library because of mobility or health concerns
Support lifelong learning, health and active aging



Volunteer Qualifications

Strong interpersonal and communication skills
Ablility to work independently
Ablility to carry library materials
Genuine interest in volunteering with the elderly and sharing the love of reading with others
Ablility to work effectively with diverse populations

Volunteer Responsibilities

Manage use of the collections in the in-house libraries
Deliver books and collect books from residents who are cannot leave their rooms
Maintain regular contact with library staff to ensure that the collections meet the needs of the residents
Participate in the program for a minimum of one year


An on-site training and orientation session to review the program materials


Enjoy hands-on work that improves the quality of life for patrons
Share your passion for reading with seniors and people with disabilities

Help Needed

All volunteer positions for this program are currently filled. Please complete an application, and we’ll contact you when a position becomes available.

Luke Gray
Phone: 403.260.2774