Calgary Public Library Exhibit Space Contract

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  • Art Exhibit Period


    1. All items for display and the value of the exhibit are listed in the completed Valuation of Art Exhibits Form that is appended to this contract (Appendix 1).
    2. By signing this contract, the Library agrees to the value of the exhibit as stated in the attached Valuation of Art Exhibits Form (Appendix 1).
    3. The Library reserves the right to request additional or alternative evidence to support the Library’s provision of insurance. This includes a request for an expert written appraisal. Exhibitor to pay for any costs associated with any additional appraisals.
    4. The Library will provide insurance including theft, fire, smoke, and water damage as described in Appendix 3 for the exhibit items listed in the completed and attached Valuation of Art Exhibits Form (Appendix 1). Exhibit items will be insured from the date of set up until the date of removal.
    5. Insurance coverage will not exceed $1,500 for any single item and $10,000 for the entire exhibit
    6. If at any time the Library considers that displaying all or part of an exhibit exceeds a reasonable level of liability, the Library reserves the right to:
    i) decline to display the item(s) or the entire exhibit
    ii) decline to insure the item(s) or the entire exhibit
    iii) require written evidence that the exhibitor has independent insurance covering the value of the item(s) and/or the entire exhibit iv) retract in writing the Library’s insurance liability
    v) require the prompt removal of any item(s) or the entire exhibit from its premises

    1. Visitors may access exhibits throughout regular library open hours, except when the space is required for Library purposes.
    2. Exhibitors will provide exhibit prices and contact details to inquirers.
    3. Library staff cannot supervise the exhibit or act as guides or interpreters for visitors to the exhibit.
    4. The space provided for the exhibit is not designated as an Art Gallery and is not maintained or presented as such. The space is provided “as is.”
    5. The Exhibitor is responsible for:
    (i) Providing written evidence acceptable to the Library giving the value of the exhibit for insurance purposes, if required,
    (ii) Transporting the exhibit to and from the Library,
    (iii) Setting up and dismantling the exhibit as agreed with the Library staff,
    (iv) Making sure the exhibit is installed safely and that it does not present any health or safety hazards to others using the premises,
    (v) Any damages to the Library’s premises or property that may result from providing the space for the exhibit,
    (vi) Promoting the Exhibit to the public, including signage, advertising and media attendance.
    6. Exhibitors’ names may be used in Calgary Public Library publicity, e.g., the CPL Adult Program Guide, or CPL TV.
    7. Any in-Library promotion of the exhibit must be approved in advance by the Library. Promotion may not imply Library sponsorship or that the Exhibit represents any views or opinions of the Calgary Public Library Board or its employees.
    8. The items listed in Appendix 1 will remain in place throughout the period agreed with the Library. If the Exhibitor wishes to remove or replace any item, he/she must notify Library staff indicating which pieces have been removed.
    9. Items sold during the period of the exhibit may not be removed until the end of the exhibit period unless approved by Library staff.
    10. The Library does not claim commission on any works sold, and does not charge for art exhibits.
    11. The Library will make every effort to provide the exhibit space as agreed. However, the Library does reserve the right to:
    (i) cancel an Exhibit,
    (ii) change the manner in which an Exhibit is displayed, and
    (iii) require any item(s) to be removed from the Exhibit;
    12. Library staff will make every reasonable attempt to contact the Exhibitor if the exhibit is not removed from the Library following the exhibit period. Art may be removed to allow for another scheduled exhibit. If the items are not collected, the Library may dispose of the uncollected items and may charge the exhibitor for the disposal costs.
    13. The Application for Library Art Exhibits and the Use of Library Space for Art Exhibits Policy are part of this Agreement and are attached.

    The Exhibitor agrees to be liable for and indemnify, defend and save harmless the Calgary Public Library and all of its employees, officials, officers and authorized representatives from and against any and all suits, actions, legal or administrative proceedings, claims, demands, damages, liabilities, interest, legal fees, costs and expenses of whatsoever kind or nature, including personal injury or death and damage or loss of any real or personal property arising out of or incidental to the event or in any manner directly or indirectly caused, occasioned or contributed to in whole or in part, by reason of any wrongful act, error, omission, fault, or breach of the Agreement of the Exhibitor or of anyone acting under the Exhibitor's direction or control or on its behalf in connection with or incidental to the event.
  • I have read and understood this contract and the Use of Library Space for Art Exhibits Policy. For myself, or on behalf of the group I represent, I hereby agree to abide by the requirements set out in this contract in respect to my use of Library space for art exhibits which is the subject of this contract. * Required

  • Name of Library representative accepting art exhibit, including estimated value of exhibit and supporting evidence.
  • Appendix 1: Valuation of Art Exhibits Form

    The exhibitor acknowledges that the Calgary Public Library must operate in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) of Alberta as amended, revised, or substituted from time to time and shall abide by the requirements of FOIP insofar as applicable to its operations and the personal information collected on this form.
    This information will only be used for the proper administration of the Library and the provision of library services and programs by Calgary Public Library. Questions related to the collection of this personal information should be directed to the Calgary Public Library, 800 3 St SE T2G 0E7.
    For insurance purposes, the exhibitor must provide a list of all exhibit items’ estimated value by completing this form. If any single item exceeds $500 and $1500 for the whole exhibit then you must also provide written evidence of the exhibit’s value by submitting one or more of the following:
    • exhibit catalogue featuring priced and comparable works from a previous exhibit
    • evidence of the sale price obtained for comparable works by the exhibitor
    • independent professional appraisal of the item(s)
    If any art is removed or added during the exhibit period, indicate on this form. Note: The Library may ask for additional information or an independent appraisal depending on the exhibit items. The maximum insurance available is $1500 for a single item and not exceeding $10,000 for the whole exhibit.
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