ResearchPlus Rates

We offer competitive rates for specialized research services:

Research  $80/hour
Research; Organization cardholder  $70/hour
Rush Service  $25
Rush Service is available for requests received before 2 p.m.

Any fees (photocopying, Access Copyright, courier charges, etc.) are additional.

All fees are in Canadian dollars, payable by VISA or MasterCard. Cash or debit payment is available for in-person pickup only.

Request a Quote

ResearchPlus can provide free, confidential estimates for any project. Please contact us to discuss your information needs.

ResearchPlus Organization Cards

Does your company or organization require regular research services? As a ResearchPlus Organization cardholder, you’ll enjoy a reduced hourly research fee and associated benefits:

  • Organization cardholders using ResearchPlus services receive monthly invoices for any fees. (Non-organization cardholders using ResearchPlus services must provide payment by VISA or MasterCard.)
  • Organization cardholders can contact ResearchPlus during regular business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mondays to Fridays) with regular reference or information questions.
  • Organization cardholders can contact ResearchPlus to check out and put aside items for courier or staff pickup.

Applying for an Organization Card

  • Complete and return the ResearchPlus Organization Card application formopens a new window and submit a signed letter from the organization officer to become an Organization cardholder.
  • An officer of the organization with signing authority must assume responsibility in writing annually on behalf of the organization for all items borrowed with the card, all fees and any replacement costs for lost or damaged items.
  • The approved identification for an organization applying for a membership is a letter on the organization’s letterhead with the officer’s signature.
  • A completed Organization Card application formopens a new window and a signed letter from the organization  officer must be given to the library each time the officer changes.

Organization Card Eligibility and Use

  • Daycares and private schools with an officer who has signing authority and who will assume responsibility on behalf of the organization are eligible to apply for organization cards. Public and separate schools receiving government funding to provide core services are not eligible.
  • An organization located outside of Calgary qualifies for an organization membership upon payment of the combined organization and non-resident membership fees.
  • Organization cards do not allow access to the Calgary Public Library E-Library databases.