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Board Policies

Library Board

Library Board Code of Conduct

The Board acknowledges that all Board Members acting on behalf of the Library share certain ethical and legal responsibilities, including:

Approval: Janet Hutchinson, 2015. Statutory: No.


The Board has an anti-nepotism policy to avoid real conflicts of interest, perceived conflicts of interest, or a reasonable apprehension of bias.

Immediate relatives of Board Members are not eligible for employment with the Library, except those employed prior to the appointment of the Board Member.

Approval: Janet Hutchinson, 2015. Statutory: No

Board Orientation and Education

The Board recognizes the importance of having informed Board Members. To ensure this, the Board must provide a comprehensive orientation program for all new Board Members.

The Board encourages skill development of its Board Members, and provides, within available resources, institutional memberships in key library organizations and financial support for attendance at library conferences and relevant workshops, including reimbursement of registration fees and of travel and accommodations expenses. Entitlement for financial support for these activities requires the approval of the Board Chair or Vice-Chair.

Approval: Janet Hutchinson, 2015. Statutory: Yes.

Liability Insurance for Board Members

The Library will maintain appropriate insurance for its Board Members consistent with advice from the Library’s insurance providers.

Approval: Janet Hutchinson, 2015. Statutory: No.


The Board is a volunteer board and does not offer compensation for service. However, in order to ensure that service on the Board is available to all members of the community, the Library will pay for reasonable expenses incurred when Board Members attend Board and Board Committee meetings, represent the Library at community functions, and attend learning and development activities, when those functions and activities have been authorized by the Board Chair or Vice-Chair.

Eligible expenses include, but are not limited to:

Receipts must accompany claims for reimbursement.

Approval: Janet Hutchinson, 2015. Statutory: Yes.