About the Library

Library Video Surveillance Policy

  1. The Video Surveillance System is an integral part of security operations at Calgary Public Library. The purpose of this policy is to ensure the appropriate use of the Video Surveillance System and the recordings or images collected by it.

  2. The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, RSA 2000, governs the Library’s collection, use and disclosure of personal information, including recordings and images captured by the Video Surveillance System.

  3. In this policy:

    a. “Disclosure” refers to the release of relevant information. Disclosure includes viewing recordings or images, as well as making copies of recordings or images.

    b. “Employee” means a person employed by Calgary Public Library for wages or salary. For clarity, this term includes support staff, management and professional staff and the executive leadership group.

    c. “Library” means the Calgary Public Library or, if the context so requires, any premises used by the Calgary Public Library for library purposes.

    d. “Library Security” means a person or team of people contracted by Calgary Public Library to provide security services in the library.

    e. “Video Surveillance System” refers to a mechanical or electronic system or device that enables continuous video recording, observing or monitoring of space and activities therein.

  4. The Video Surveillance System is intended to:

    a. discourage inappropriate or unlawful behavior of individuals on library premises;

    b. facilitate a safe and secure environment;

    c. support appropriate responses to observed or reported incidents of inappropriate or unlawful behavior.

  5. Recordings and images captured by the Video Surveillance System will be saved on a secure server.

  6. The Video Surveillance System will not be used to monitor areas where individuals have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

  7. Signage communicating that a Video Surveillance System is in operation will be visible to employees and individuals using the library.

  8. Access to the Video Surveillance System will be limited to Library Security and to the following groups of Employees:
    a. The Executive Leadership Team (Director level and above) and Service Delivery Managers

    b. Information Technology personnel with responsibility for the Video Surveillance System, its associated software and the preservation of personal information

    c. Facilities personnel with responsibility for the acquisition, installation, maintenance and management of the Video Surveillance System.

  9. The recordings or images captured by the Video Surveillance System will only be used by the Library:

    a. for a security or law enforcement purpose; or

    b. for a legal proceeding; or

    c. for the provision of evidence in support of any inquiry, criminal prosecution or banning from the library associated with unlawful activity in the Library, the misuse of library space or equipment, or breaches of the Library’s Code of Conduct; or

    d. to analyze the usage of library space for the purposes of ongoing and future facility, program and service planning; or

    e. with the consent of the individual whose activities have been recorded.

  10. Requests for Disclosure of recordings or images captured by the Video Surveillance System must be submitted in writing, using the form in Appendix A, to the library’s officer responsible for such matters (currently, Director, Service Delivery, 403-260-2763, Calgary Public Library, 616 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2M2). The Disclosure will be approved only if the applicant demonstrates a legitimate right of access to the information, including the provision of a warrant or court order should the recordings or images be requested by law enforcement authorities.

    The length of time for which recordings or images captured by the Video Surveillance System will be preserved is dependent upon the storage capacity of the Video Surveillance System and may be as little as three days. In cases in which the Library has received a request for Disclosure of recordings or images and has verified that the requested recordings or images exist, those recordings or images will be preserved for the period of time necessary to satisfy the Disclosure request.