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The 2023 Influencer in Residence is Chanry Thach

Serving our creative communities

The Creatives in Residence is a flexible residency that allows different types of creative professionals to share their expertise with Library patrons. The residents share knowledge that is often otherwise underrepresented in our communities. The resident is in office May 15 – July 31.

This year’s Influencer in Residence is a valuable resource for underrepresented food cultures in social media, information literacy, and entrepreneurship. 

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Meet Chanry Thach

Chanry Thach (@thehungrygnome_ on Instagram) has been a leading influencer in the digital marketing industry for a decade, with a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence.

As the owner and founder of Ask For Chan, a marketing agency specializing in digital growth, Chanry has helped a wide variety of clients achieve success. From non-profits and national brands to restaurant groups, she has worked with high-profile names across many industries. Her work has been featured in publications like Avenue Magazine, Savour Magazine, Culinaire Magazine, WestJet Magazine, and CBC, just to name a few.    

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The Influencer in Residence is pleased to consult with entrepreneurs, creatives, and digital content creators to share insights on learning and creating in the digital space — or with anyone curious about the ins and outs of social media and digital marketing.

No matter where you’re at in your social media journey, Chanry can help you grow your following, review your brand and social media presence, or consider new ways to engage your followers. 

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Programs with the Influencer in Residence

Everyone from teens to seniors can attend programs with Chanry Thach during her residency. Join her to learn more about being a teen influencer, creating compelling social content, how to gain customers for your small business, or the best and safest ways to stay connected with your family using social media. 

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