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Tips for Creating Your Perfect Reading Nook

Tips for Creating Your Perfect Reading Nook at Home

Back to school season is here ⁠— but the transition from reading for fun all summer to reading for class can be tough.

Reading together as a family is a great way to keep the joy of reading alive all year round, even with your older kids. The easiest way to do this is to make a reading nook in your home, a special space where you can enjoy books and let your imaginations run wild. Here are four tips for creating a reading space that everyone will love.

1. Make sure you have good light

Warm or natural lighting is a great way to make reading a soothing wind-down away from the blue light of screens.

2. Use comfortable seating

You want this to feel as far removed from a school or homework desk as you can. Overstuffed armchair? Extra blankets? A mountain of pillows? Yes please.  

3. Be creative

Rocking chairs are a great way to allow for some movement to help kids who need a little physical stimulation to stay focused. A bean bag chair is great for pretzeling into, or cozying up together to read a family favourite.  

4. Remember to set aside other distractions

This can be tricky, especially if you are reading on a device, or want to model looking up new or challenging words with your kids. Most of us don’t have a dictionary kicking around anymore with a smartphone handy. If technology can’t be avoided, model setting devices to airplane or do-not-disturb mode while reading where possible. 

All of these together will make for the perfect cozy reading nook. To learn more about the benefits of reading together as a family check out the video below.

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