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The 2022 Children's Illustrator in Residence is Natalia Ionescu

Bringing art into the Library.

Our three seasonal Artists in Residence are paid community engagement residencies that support artists, collectives, and arts organizations working in Indigenous art and placemaking, children's art and illustration, or the Newcomer experience.

Residents work in a designated space at Central Library and engage with the public at libraries across the city.

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Meet Natalia Ionescu

Natalia Ionescu is a Romanian-Canadian illustrator and designer. Natalia’s illustrations explore a variety of stories, characters, and environments in a distinctly cute and playful style. She works mainly in digital formats, enjoying the versatility and endless possibilities they provide. Natalia is motivated by the power of visual storytelling, and inspired by expressive figures, whimsical settings, and organic elements. She has fallen in love with the process of visual development and is eager to share her characters and stories with the world.  

Natalia has worked on a variety of projects, from art criticism writing for the Illingworth Kerr Gallery, public installations with PARK Production House, to her 250-foot-long transit safety mural. She is also VP of Graphic Design with Code the Change YYC, a student-led initiative that gives back through tech resources. 

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The Children's Illustrator in Residence is pleased to consult with emerging and established artists of all ages to discuss technique, inspirations, style, or whatever aspect of the art world would be most helpful.

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Programs with the Children's Illustrator in Residence

Attend online programs with Natalia Ionescu during her residency. Join her as she discusses her artistic practice, teaches digital art techniques, and more.

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Recommended reads from the Children's Illustrator in Residence

From narratives that she loves to guides on living creatively and sharing your art with the world, these titles have helped Natalia develop throughout her artistic practice. As she works on her residency project, they are also key points of reference to inspire her work.

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