Artist in Residence

Cîpayak ᒌᐸᕀ, Indigenous Artist in Residence

Cîpayak ᒌᐸᕀopens a new window is the multimedia collaboration between Shane Ghostkeeper and Sarah Houle. The two artists began working together 12 years ago with the band, Ghostkeeper. Their projects continue to evolve through art, sound and visuals. Cîpayak ᒌᐸᕀ delves into the many layers of contemporary Indigenous storytelling through interactive multidisciplinary concepts. 

Cîpayak ᒌᐸᕀ is researching Indigenous connections to dreams and the teachings around them. The project vision is to construct an installation that will tell a story using pop-up book techniques and audio soundscapes. The work incorporates collage, song, Cree language, traditional Indigenous stories, and reference to Métis beadwork patterns. The theme of the story will revolve around the language of our dreams. What language do you dream in?

Cîpayak ᒌᐸᕀ is interested in the diversity of the library patrons and how we can honour those differences and celebrate them. At the same time, educate the public about our own histories and the importance of truth and reconciliation, specifically addressing reclamation of language through sound and story.

About the Artist in Residence program

Central Library's new Artist in Residence programs are three-month paid community engagement residencies at Central Library that support individual artists, arts organizations and collectives working in three specific genres: Indigenous art and place making, children's art and illustration, and the Newcomer experience.

The resident is invited to work in a designated space at Central Library and engage with the public through programs such as open studio time, interactive workshops, and lectures. They are invited to show their work or perform at Central Library and at community libraries and are selected in partnership with arts and culture organizations. The Artist in Residence is one of three at the Library: Author, Artist, and Historian.