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Offering expert reference services for individuals, organizations, and businesses.

ResearchPlus is the Library's fee-based research and reference service.

Our clients include large and small businesses, government agencies, law firms, oil and gas companies, non-profit organizations and individuals.

Typical turnaround is 24 to 48 hours. Rush requests made before 2:00 pm can be completed the same day for a small extra charge. We deliver your research by email, fax, mail or courier.

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How can we help you?

  • Market research and analysis

  • Genealogical, historical and newspaper searches

  • Contact list creation

  • City directory searches

  • Literature searches

  • Expedited document delivery

  • Interlibrary loans

Reference Service Rates

We offer competitive rates for specialized research services. All fees are in Canadian dollars, payable by VISA or MasterCard. Cash or debit payment is available for in-person pickup only. Any fees (photocopying, Access Copyright, courier charges, etc.) are additional.

  • Individual Research: $80/hour
  • Rush Service: $25 extra

ResearchPlus Services

City directory searches for real estate agents, property developers, engineers and more.

If you are redeveloping property, investigating past use of real estate, or need assistance providing assessment and remediation, ResearchPlus can help by undertaking historical city directory searches for the Calgary area, in the areas or streets you require.

Make informed decisions for your business with valuable market research.

Are you starting a new business? Looking for new markets for your product? Do you want industry information before investing in a new business?

ResearchPlus can provide information on demographics, economic conditions and trends, consumer spending, industry overviews and potential competitors. Browse company profiles and industry information, and get help navigating Statistics Canada, Industry Canada and other government websites.

Dive deep into genealogical, historical and newspaper searches.

Whether you need to find birth announcements, obituaries or archived newspaper articles, ResearchPlus has the expertise to conduct complex genealogical and historical searches.

Create customized mailing and contact lists for businesses and organizations.

ResearchPlus can create specialized lists for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Just tell our staff your specific needs, and we can create a list that contains all the information you require.

Interlibrary Loans

Need access to resources from another library? ResearchPlus can help. We provide expedited interlibrary loan services.