Board Policies

Library Premises Use and Safety

Library Membership

The Library Services Agreement governs the issuance of a Valid Library Membership and use of library services.

Approval: Sandy Gill, 2022. Statutory: No

Use of Library Materials

All circulating Library Materials may be borrowed by a Library Member as set out in the Library Services Agreement. Terms and conditions, including Loan limits and periods, are established and administered by the Chief Executive Officer.

Schedule A sets out the current Loan limits and periods.

Reference materials in specialized collections, such as Calgary’s Story, or easily damaged or rare materials, may be used only under the supervision of a staff member.

Approval: Sandy Gill, 2022. Statutory: Yes

Use of Library Premises

Hours of Opening

The Board authorizes the Chief Executive Officer to establish Hours of Opening for all Library Premises.


Every member of the public shall have access during the Hours of Opening to those public areas normally used for Library purposes or designated for Library purposes. The Library may also grant after-hours access for public and private bookings under the conditions set out in the Calgary Public Library Room Use Guidelines.


All persons using Library Premises shall conduct themselves so as not to disturb other patrons or cause damage to Library property.

Food and Beverages

Consumption of food and non-alcoholic beverages only will be permitted in designated areas of Library Premises, provided such activity does not interfere with the use and enjoyment of Library Premises by other patrons or result in any damage to Library Materials, furnishings, or equipment.

Patrons who consume food and beverages on Library Premises may be held liable and accountable for any damage, repair, or additional expense that may be incurred because of this activity.

Program Rooms and Other Library Spaces

Program rooms and any areas of Library Premises not used for Library purposes may be reserved for use by groups under the conditions set out in the Calgary Public Library Room Use Guidelines.

Approval: Sandy Gill, 2022. Statutory: Yes


Establishment and Review of Fees

The Board authorizes the Chief Executive Officer to establish fees in accordance with the Act and the Regulations. All Library fees shall be reviewed by the Board on an annual basis.

Fees for Issuance of Membership

Subject to the Act and the Regulations, there shall be no fee for the issuance of membership for persons who are permanent residents of Calgary, for non-residents who own or rent property in Calgary, and for persons living on First Nations and Métis Settlements in Alberta.

There shall be a fee for the issuance of membership for persons who do not meet these requirements, as set out in Schedule B.

Reciprocal Borrowing

Notwithstanding the fee for non-resident membership, as set out in schedule B, the Board may enter into reciprocal arrangements with other library boards or vendor partners in Alberta providing for a waiver of such non-resident fees.

Recovery Fees

The Library may charge recovery fees for expenses incurred in providing specific services outlined in Schedule B, including, but not limited to: printing, scanning, and photocopying; research; document delivery; rentals of space’ and charges for lost or damaged property or materials.

Approval: Sandy Gill, 2022. Statutory: Yes

Suspension and Revocation of Library Privileges

The Library privileges of any person who is in breach of any section of the Library Premises Use and Safety policies may be suspended or revoked at the discretion of the Person in Charge in each Library Premises.

Any patron whose Library privileges have been suspended or revoked may appeal to the Chief Executive Officer or designate for reinstatement.

Any person who willfully contravenes any section of the Library Premises Use and Safety policies or who willfully retains any Library Materials from the Library is guilty of an offense pursuant to the Act, and may be liable to such penalties as are specified in the Provincial Offence Procedures Act (Alberta), RSA 2000, c. P-34; the Trespass to Premises Act (Alberta), RSA 2000, c. T-7; and the Petty Trespass Act (Alberta), RSA 2000, c. P-11, in addition to any liability that may attach civilly or under the Criminal Code, RSC 1985, c. C-46.

Any fee imposed pursuant to the prosecution of an offense under this section inures to the benefit of the Board in accordance with the Act.

Approval: Avnish Mehta, 2020. Statutory: Yes.

Confidentiality of User Records

The definition, collection, use, and disclosure of personal information are conducted in accordance with FOIPP and its associated regulations.

A Library Member will be given access to personal information contained in the Library Member’s record, upon request and without charge. A fee may be charged for other information in accordance with FOIPP.

Approval: Avnish Mehta, 2020. Statutory: Yes.

Public Access Network

As a vital community connection to the world of information and ideas, the Library provides access to the internet. This access is provided to support patrons in their lifelong learning pursuits and as a complement to traditional materials. The Library provides access to the internet and other electronic resources through its Public Access Network (Network). Access to the Network is governed by the Library’s Public Access Network Terms of Use.

Intellectual Freedom

While Library staff may assist patrons, the ultimate right and responsibility for the choice and use of internet resources rests with the individual. The Library endorses the Canadian Federation of Library Associations’ Position Statement on Intellectual Freedom, the City’s resolution on Freedom to Read Week, and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions’ Statement on Libraries and Intellectual Freedom.

The Library does not advocate the ideas and opinions found in internet resources. The availability of information does not indicate endorsement of its content by the Library. The Library recognizes that some resources may be regarded as controversial, unconventional, or unpopular.

Parental Responsibility

Responsibility for children’s or teens’ choice and use of resources rests with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s). It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to block internet access or choose unfiltered access for their children and teens and to guide their children’s and teens’ internet activity.

Approval: Avnish Mehta, 2020. Statutory: No.