About the Library

Mission and Vision

Potentials Realized

In 2019 the Calgary Public Library unveiled a new four-year strategic plan. Potentials Realized is the unifying vision of this plan, which promotes the values of Inclusion, Curiosity, and Collaboration and strives to improve the quality of life for Library members. Each strategy contains three priorities that shape the Strategic Initiatives for each year of the plan.

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Our Mission

Empowering community by connecting you to ideas and experiences, inspiration, and insight.

Our Vision

Potentials realized.



The Library upholds the principles of a just society, chief among them respect, dignity, and equity.

We will engage in open, meaningful dialogue and deepen our understanding to inform Library practice and create an environment that is inclusive of all.


The Library doesn't settle for what we already know. We explore new ideas, consider fresh perspectives, and seek to innovate.

It is our curiosity, teamed with our creativity, that will ensure we continue to achieve. We use our imaginations to set and exceed our own high standards.


Our decisions are better and our impact greater when we work with our colleagues, our members, and our partners.

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